Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Before & After: Colour Tips

A useful colour tip for those with red-toned hair is to match your own warm colour with that of a warm colour tone. Khaki is an excellent colour choice as it brings a healthy colour tone to your face that will really allow it to pop out and impress. The use of a khaki top pushes the colour into the background creating more of a smooth complexion, giving you the right balance that will bring out the glow of your natural colouring. A wrong colour choice illustrated in this image is not to wear pink clothing near your face as the pink top can make you look pale and lifeless. If you do wish to wear a pink top however then make sure to have gold-toned jewellery near your face or a warm toned scarf. You would always look fabulous by choosing a warm (yellow- golden) undertone colours near your face. To discover all your Autumn colours and its benefits please choose your Autumn Clothing Colour Guide for those with Brown-Red or Orange hair @ or alternatively on iTunes.

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